About Us

Anima Chatbotics is a company, where entrepreneurs, programmers, and narrative designers collaborate for one common reason – to create digital assistants that are alive and own a soul, so-called chatbots.

Consequently the name, “chatbotics” refers to the art of creating algorithms, program code and avatars – the technical side. Whereas “anima” refers to Latin, meaning soul. Technically fulfilled digital employee, who has the ability to tell a story and owns rich dictionary is perceived as a soulful creature by conversers. They enjoy the chat and all the positive emotions are projected on a company or a person represented by the chatbot.

In 2014 our team built the first ever Georgian language-speaking chatbot “cybergala” and also first ever Georgian chatbot platform, where anyone could build their own cyber creature. Since “Cybergala” Anima works on diversity of innovative projects (including the ones that are not specifically connected to chatbots) and its door is always open for anyone interested in technologies. Anima collaborates with different organizations and companies.

In the meantime we are working on creation of digital assistants, who will own specific information about certain industries and any company will be able to hire the suitable one for them (visit the field of “Digital Assistants”)

Also we accept order-deals to create chatbots of any type and difficulty level. Those serve to enhance communication and improve customer service. 

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Zura Jishkariani

Cyber tribe shaman of Anima, Enthusiast towards chatbots and a writer. The winner of literature awards – “Saba” and Ilia State University (2018). Author and narrative designer of many Georgian language-speaking chatbots, including the first of such kind “Cybergala”. Interested in colliding “cold” algorithms of AI, big data possibilities and ancient traditions of storytelling. Speaker and participant of different local and international Tech-Art exhibitions. After winning Creative Bussiness Cup Georgia in 2016, he is working on “Interactive Memorial” project with other Anima team members.

Fan of technological singularity. Admires Malevich, nootrops and death.

Sandro Asatiani

One of the founders of “Geolab”

Assistant professor at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs since 2013.Gives lectures at different higher education facilities in Georgia, (Both public and private) Such as Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, Illia State University and Caucasus University, since 2009.

Author of first ever Georgian social media handbook and co-author of the following books: “New media for Journalists”, “Video advocacy” and etc. Writes articles for different publications.


Projects: saba.com.ge, cybegala.me, kavshirebi.ge and etc.

Mariam Gochiashvili

Mariam is the head of narrative design at Anima. A philologist by profession, she especially liked to write, literature, invent different methods of narration and to discover new opportunities. After traveling in translation, social media, and pedagogy, Mariam found a way to combine her interests with narrative design, and she fell in love with it. She believes that she has chosen the profession of the future, and her goal is to introduce more and more people and love the magic of narrative design. She is the main copywriter for Ilia State University chatbot “Una” and narrative designer for “Santa” of East Point. Anima is the home for Mariam, and every new work-page of every chatbot is a new book, scenario and adventure for her.

Dato Samniashvili

Plays chess since childhood, has played on both local and international tournaments. Nowadays he is employed in Bakur Sulakauri Publishing. An author of science-fiction book “Moxy”, leads a scientific program “Scientific phase” and writes articles for different publications, including National Geographic Georgia, but mainly he is a narrative designer at Anima and work on souls of digital creatures.

Shota Ioramashvili

Spends most of his time developing IOS mobile applications. Creating and developing chatbot interface is his hobby. Also Shota is a lecturer at Geolab and Georgian Institute of Public Affairs

Anano Aspanidze

Anano is the lead developer in Anima. After roaming different fields, Anano found the profession to fall in love with. Mainly provides codes for webpages. She is an employee and a lecturer at Geolab, Georgian Institute of Public Affairs and at different Start-up projects.
P.S. loves strawberries, foxes, Ray Bradbury, Pink Floyd and nice people.

Temur Chichua

Neo is a code writer in the team. He used to disassemble toys and build robots since childhood. Has won a number of awards in local and international contests of inventors, such as “Leonardo da vinci”, „Millenium innovation contest”, “IYPO”, “EUCYS, “INTEL ISEF and more. Works on AI, Electrical engineering and digital experiments. Together with Neo, we already completed projects, which were exhibited on Frankfurt international book fare and “KHIDI” exhibition space.
Nowadays Neo makes it possible for everyone to communicate with our chatbots from different platforms.

Ketia Belkania

Having a deep affection for art, Ketia has chosen it as her profession. She has a blog where she reviews works of art. She works for   'Anima ' as a narrative designer which enables her to demonstrate her creative energy through her striving for perfection and pinpoint accuracy. She considers narrative design to be a way to associate art with digital technologies and this is what she deals with in ' Anima'.

Tamta Papukashvili

TamTa is a copywriter and a narrative designer. Graduated from iliauni Theatrical Art Faculty, Cultural Management and Social Media Marketing. She is a Winner of many hackathons and projects. She aspired to art, she was a dancer, but one day , she had to make a choice and chose Technolgy. From her point of view, life gives us some opportunities, we need to see and use it to create something of valueble. For tamta, engineering of chatbots is art, future art and that’s why, she is already ahead of his aspirations. "Make a choice, go through it and it will meet you in the future" - says Tamta.

Tsotne Sturua

Tsotne is a full-stack developer who aims to deepen his knowledge in both frontline and back-end. His hobby is doing web animations. He loves to discover and study new things.  In programming, most of all he likes that it is always possible to discover something new.

Giorgi Kvaratskhelia

When I was young I got curious about how the programs I was using were created. The answer to my question turned out to be "Programming", and as I discovered more and more about this field, the more I began to love it. Soon I started making programs of my own. By the age of 11 I was already making games and uploading them to my own website, which even got attention from the local media.

Today, I work as a Fullstack Developer and read lectures in the Ilia State University Cyberlaboratory